So cold is the night, so thick the fog

My hands buried in my pockets,

My face covered with a russet scarf

All thoughts halt as I see the lamp

Obstinate in its will to give light,

While besieged by the unrelenting fog

In enigmatic swirls and death-like hue,

The mist dances around the light

I walk by silently and am shaken awake

So drowned was I in the reverie

That for a moment of oblivion,

I was the lamp and my thoughts the mist


False shields

We live in contradictions,

Little lies hide behind the truest truths

We unite under myriad banners,

To sow seeds of division

We stand together with strangers,

To alienate those at home

To a higher purpose we claim allegiance

While basking in the depths of hatred

Our fingers point everywhere

Seemingly highlighting falsehood

We speak movingly of the future

While leaving hatred in our wills

Fertile spaces

Seek not the words between my lines,

Pay not heed to the whispering wind

Take all my silence if you must

Leave me with a painful treasure

Of these words that confound,

These jewels to curse a lifetime

Halt all effort, all judgement

Find meaning in the echoes of my silence

Surface and depth

Many live on the surface,

Calm and drowned in the present

I reside in the depths

The corals of my own thought

Lending colour to a solitary world

Other dash across for errands,

I stop for inane discourse

Reflections about reflections haunt me

I am forever torn

For to swim to the surface is impossible,

To stay here, an enduring torment

I bide my time in indecision,

Some years gone, some to go

I must bid farewell now,

The depth beckons with unending love

To a new friend

Come, let’s start where others bid farewell

Let’s unite where others part

On jagged pebbles the first step lands

Not in the embrace of loving grass

Show me your most ferocious storm

So we may admire the sunlight more

Compromise shall be our very beginning,

Not the obstacle hindering our illusions

‘Tis easier to bid farewell in poor light

If we are not destined to walk for long

Let’s first share the darkness

For the sun may never rise

Speaking softly

I revisit those conversations

As I hide from the company of friends

I rewrite each word in my head

And tug the emphasis to my liking

This talk is now so perfect

Yet so fragile in its precision

My retrospective creativity knits

Until I am covered in my own creation

Then I smile at my folly

Here I am, hiding from men

Only to talk to them silently

On the hills again

My farewell may be untimely,

But selfish it is not

I gave my all and my very being

Learning to walk these meandering paths

So long have I walked along the edge,

The valley’s heart is now daunting

I found my instruction in the dark

It’s the light that quickens my demons

Bare to the sun have I been too long,

The drizzle falls like unforgiving needles

This cold has embraced me for years,

Warmth is my signal for parting

Hold me now, one last time

The valley is yours, the chasm mine

Dwarf Dreams

I stood in the valley and screamed

My utterance like a meteor,

Traveling to and fro betwixt the mountains

The gods of echo making sport of it

The mountains repeat my words,

As I do of my ancestors

The valley is my life

The echo an incarnation of equality

For there is but very little

That hasn’t been spoken before

We yearn to stand tall and stand out

While surrounded by colossal mountains

Friend within

For long have I borne this darkness

So deep has it seeped into my being

That I am today, but a small flickering light

In the crowd I am invisible

For we all shine just so much

Moments of brightness are conflicting

I endeavour to find mirth, but struggle

For this pitch dark is my silent companion,

The nurse of my sorrows,

The escape from itself

It is the brightest of moments,

Those with countless lights

Where I die a little

Silence (Part II)

The unsaid opens doors for myriad guests

Uninvited, they storm into your soul

So loud is their silent conversation,

So sharp their horrid words

Oh but who are these guests?

Lament, regret, pain and melancholy

They feast joyfully on your sanity

Fattened on words never spoken