The woodland is dark, the trees fearsome

I have languished here a lifetime

Some have walked past my dwelling,

Others have sojourned for a day or two

The foliage of hope grows a little,

Only to die an early death

I have lived with those flowers,

And died with them

Many lives have we spent together,

Under the shadow of these menacing trees

Deprived of sunshine

Showers do descend upon us oft-times

Cleansing the hope, but never the fears

So long have I looked up to remorseless shade,

We’ve become reluctant acquaintances

In our silent fellowship,

The trees and I exchange wry glances

As we laugh quietly at your fury,

You seek to free me, to lead me out of here

Unknowingly, you break me from within

These trees were watered by my tears,

We’re one in our mutual aversion

On these leaves I sit peacefully again,

Not a rustle in the trees

Not a quiet moment within.


The disquiet

So little is left of me,

I bear the ashes of yesterday

As today passes me by despairingly

You speak softly now

These words are emotionless, not heated

Gentle rain to dowse the anguish

The embers of my fears,

The same I have nurtured unconsciously

In your loving words have I found,

The spaces of yesterday

To the eye these words are concrete walls,

Whence come these spaces then?

‘Tis these embers of my torment

I light them anew

This raging fire burns through all,

Your words, your love, your kindest care

Hold me now, speak softly some more

For I’ve grown too familiar to the light

The accursed light of these embers


In the loving arms of pain, I lie

The rays of comfort are an annoyance

The dew has rested here so long,

Its salty flood bears all that I am

The bright sun is unwelcome

A nuisance for the slumbering pain

Oh pull these curtains even tighter

For the sun of comfort is blinding

So long have I beheld the shapes,

With vacant eyes moistened with agony

The imagined silhouettes in utter dark

My company, my misshapen friends

To them I have innumerable promises

Pray, ask the sun to seek refuge in clouds

Let me sleep some more,

I must sleep until Sleep

Mist (ii)

The fog bears the pain of generations,

All hopes of the past rest in the lamp

The wind calls out to the dead

I breath a little, awaiting my call

The lamp is our folly illuminated,

Seeking to own the dancing fog

Limitless is the fog, a universe in itself

The foolish lamp is in egocentric love

The lamp is our instinct to limit words,

Words that change like the ghostly fog

Never enough, never too much

Always there, like fog on a gloomy night


I break a little every day

Only to carry on again

The path is littered with pieces,

Bits of my sanity I have lost

Some days I pick them all up

Marvelling at the sunshine that sustains

On other occasions have I stumbled,

Stepping on my own shards

So many times have I been pricked,

Returned to sanity by my broken sanity

Soon there will be nothing to bear,

Naught to clean from the narrow paths

These paths lined with unwatered trees,

In the city of eternal disquiet

Valley within (i)

It was but yesterday

You dwelt upon my pauses

The weight of imagined words,

Of myriad fancies haunted you

Today I am bereft of conversation

Unvoiced words haunt me

I yearn for what I know not

My struggle has been with myself

The endless echoes of my existence,

Are the unheard screams of the dead.

To live

Along the road are many flowers,

A farewell to the winter of hope

The spring of broken dreams

Mine, yours and everyone’s

Abandoned hopes lie lifelessly

I want to seek that light again,

The will to live a life

Even the abandoned hopes beckon

But I have no desire to heed

The wind kisses the broken dreams

It bears messages of insanity

In the spring of broken dreams,

I am the autumn of hope

Life this moment

We seek sanctuary from time itself,

When today is unbearable,

Yesterday is the embrace of love

A shelter from the incessant storm

Our asylum is so small,

A place of love we can barely see

An indivisible moment in a day,

A day in a life of years

Oh so poor are we,

Eternally misplaced in time

This treasure of years in front of us

Only a moment or two behind

Start here

You have much to learn,

The endless columns that stand tall

Ravines that burrow into the heart of the Earth

Streams that are the epitome of calm

Turbulent seas of mortal vexation

The hills that frighten and embrace

All this and so much more


Living inside none other but you

Shun the arrogance of understanding another,

Leave your ego at the door

You claim to give another all of yourself,

When you know not what it is

A brief thought

In the complete darkness of your apathy,

My cries light up the house

The lingering hope is my survival

A delusion to drown the silence

And so days go by, unvarying and unending

I know not where night ends,

Whence sprang the day I cannot behold

I know not which echo is hope,

And which one the fantasy